• Suraj Dhaliwal

4 ways to cook rice right every time

Rice. It’s not just one of the most underrated parts of any Indian meal, but also notoriously difficult to cook. The soft and fluffy texture of perfectly done rice is tricky to nail, so we’ve gone to our talented kitchen team at The Calcutta Club for advice.

Here are four essential things you need to do to get perfectly cooked rice:

1. Measure your rice

Our chefs have measured rice for many years and that experience means they are able to weigh a perfect portion from memory. Without this, however, it is easy to get your measurements wrong when cooking at home.

If you’re new to it, we highly advise weighing the uncooked rice, so you guarantee a correct amount. When it comes to the right amount, the norm seems to be roughly 60g per person – but don’t be afraid to increase if to 90g if you’re feeling extra hungry.

2. Salt the water

Rice is starch-based, meaning it will swell when cooked in water. Dissolve some salt in the water before cooking and not only will you slow that process down, but you’ll add some nice seasoning to your rice.

3. Rinse your rice

There are some recipe books that recommend you do not wash your rice, but our chefs disagree and highly recommend you do give it a rinse. Pop it all in a strainer and pour cold water over the grains – stirring while you do so.

By doing this, you’ll not only remove any debris from the uncooked rice, but also remove the surface starch that causes rice to stick together or get a chewy texture.

4. Fluff your rice up with a fork

This is the key step that many people miss, but is crucial to ensuring light, fluffy rice. Use the prongs of a fork and get to work separating the grains – breaking up big clumps as you do. This keeps it all separate but roughens each grain too for a fluffier texture.

Give our tips a go, and we guarantee you’ll be perfecting that rice before you know it!

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