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- About Us -
Nottingham's best Indian restaurant

Situated around the corner from the Old Market Square and up the road from Nottingham Castle, our restaurant is the perfect destination for those looking to experience quality dining in Nottingham city centre.


Established in February 2014, brothers John and Barry founded Calcutta Club with a beaming smiles and a warm welcome. Their true passion for high quality Indian cuisine comes from a deep appreciation for South Asian history.


Working together for over 20 years in the hospitality business, they have managed to create one of Nottingham's finest gems --  a place to eat, drink and be happy. 


- The Concept -

Delicious Curry at the best indian restuarant in Nottingham, the Calcutta Club.
john and barry, Owners of Nottingham's best indian restaurant
Interior shot of Vegan restaurant Calcutta club in Nottingham

India’s  vibrant culture comes from years of traditions behind its religions, history, intricate cuisine, and sports. Polo is a national pastime that’s deeply rooted in India’s history. Known as the "Sport of Kings," Polo flourished and so the "polo scene" thrived - it was all about watching, participating, and enjoying the sport; accompanied by lavish dining experiences. With this all this in mind, John and Barry were inspired for the concept behind Calcutta Club.

We pride ourselves on serving Nottingham's best curry - it is our mission to give each of our guests a true and authentic taste of India through the wonderful flavours our food.

- Awards and Achievements  - 

Red Chairs
Winner of 
"Best Restaurant in the Midlands"
Winner of 
"Restaurant of the Year - East Midlands"
Award ceremony for Calcutta club, awarded best indian restaurant in nottingham

Unlike competitors, we aim to make as much as possible in-house and always as fresh as we can. Over the years, we have proved ourselves as Nottingham's best Indian restaurant though multiple awards we've received -- including The British Curry Awards, the Nottingham Food & Drink Awards, the English Curry Awards and more.

We have also introduced our takeaway option, bringing the Calcutta experience to your doorstep!

Our consistency shows through the high ratings we've earned from online reviews written by our guests on TripAdvisor, Google Business, and Facebook. Take a look for yourself!

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