Calcutta Clubs, Murgh Lababdar

The highest quality, most delicious dishes of India served up using our personal recipes

Tandoor Mango Prawns in Calcutta Club kithcen

Our chefs are constantly coming up with new and exciting dishes! Chefs specials are available for limited time.

Calcutta Club Strawberry Mojito, the perfect cocktail

A carefully selected drinks list to accompany each course from lassi and wines to our very own brewed Maharaja's lager.

Calcutta Club Petit fours and our own coffee recipe "La Bamba"

A perfect ending to the match, indulge in a royal sweet treat.

A traditional indian food dish "Aloo Tikki" served with chunna masala.

Discover some the best vegan dishes in the world, expertly crafted by our chefs.

Indian takeaways in the calcutta club kithchen

We have our full menu available to choose from on our takeaways too, plus you will receive a 20% discount from the main menu!