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Calcutta Club | Indian Restaurant Nottingham

- Chef's Specials -

Every month, we feature a special selection of dishes crafted by our team of chefs at the Calcutta club, Nottingham's finest Indian cuisine.


Karwari Jhinga

£10.95 (D)

Indulge in prawns, marinated with a blend of spices, rice flour, and semolina, then deep-fried to a delightful crispiness. Served with a homemade chutney.

Ostrich Tikka

£10.50 (D)

Fillet of ostrich marinated in complex blend of ground coriander, cumin, black pepper, cloves, nutmeg, cinnamon,  mustard, mace, asafoetida & Himalayan pink salt. Served slightly pink.




Kashmiri Lamb Shank

£18.95 (D)

Braised spring lamb shank pot roasted over slow fire with glazed red onions, fresh tomatoes, roasted cinnamon and cloves.

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