- Chef's Specials -

Every month, we feature a special selection of dishes crafted by our team of chefs.


     Kalmi Kebab   (D)

Tandoori Chicken drumsticks in a marinade of roasted chickpeas, fresh ginger, garlic and channa masala.


     Tandoori Scallops

On a bed of ginger, jaggrey and a tamarind chutney with a hint of coconut milk.



Kashmiri Handi Gosht   (D)

Slow cooked tender fillets of “on the bone for a fuller flavour” leg of lamb cooked with roasted fresh ginger and garlic, Sun-dried Kashmiri red chillies. Finished with fresh coriander leaves.


     Mughlai Mushroom & Peas (D)

 Pan-fried mushrooms and garden peas with roasted garlic, ginger, garam masala with a hint of fresh cream and cashew-nut paste.

Main £11.75    Side £8.15

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