Calcutta Club | Indian Restaurant Nottingham

- Chef's Specials -

Every month, we feature a special selection of dishes crafted by our team of chefs at the Calcutta club, Nottingham's finest Indian cuisine.


Badami Murgh Tikka (D) (N)

Boneless chicken thigh in a marinade of freshly pounded garam masala with ginger, garlic, hung yoghurt and almond paste.


Dahi Anar Kebab (D) (V)

Hung curd and milk powder infused with freshly crushed black peppercorn,  pink himalayan salt, pomegranate seeds and  semolina



Madrasi Fish Curry

Monkfish cooked with fresh curry leaves, mustard seeds, tomatoes kashmiri red chillies, tamarind paste and coconut milk.


Achari Gosht    (D)

Melt in the mouth pot roasted shoulder of lamb slow simmered with a freshly pounded garam-masala & hint of lime pickle. Finished with freshly chopped coriander.


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