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Calcutta Club | Indian Restaurant Nottingham

- Chef's Specials -

Every month, we feature a special selection of dishes crafted by our team of chefs at the Calcutta club, Nottingham's finest Indian cuisine.


Rava Salmon

£10.50 (G)

Marinated with a blend of ginger, garlic, chilli, turmeric, rice flour, and lemon juice, deep-fried to perfection. Accompanied by a homemade coriander chutney.

Bharma Murgh

£9.25 (D) (N)

Chicken breast marinated in hung yoghurt and homemade spices. Filled with chopped cashew nuts, raisins and cheese, cooked in a tandoor. Served with a homemade carrot and orange chutney.



 Dhungar Gosht

£18.95 (N) (D)

 Slow-cooked Lamb fillet with coriander, garlic, yoghurt, cashew nuts, mint and freshly pounded spices. Finished by a method ‘Dhungar’ - infusing charcoal and ghee for a smokey flavour.

Murgh Lazeez

£16.75 (D)

Chicken breast simmered in a tomato, onion & chilli sauce infused with cumin, cardamom, mace and cashew nut paste. Finished with a touch of fresh cream.


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