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Calcutta Club | Indian Restaurant Nottingham

- Vegan Selection -

Explore some of the most delicious vegan dishes you will ever taste! Full of fresh vegetables and exotic spices, our special vegan recipes are sure to exceed your expectations. 


Please mention to your server what dishes you would like vegan upon ordering.


Punjabi Vegetable Samosa 

A mix of seasonal vegetables in a pastry casing served on a bed of spicy chickpeas. Served with mixed leaf salad and tamarind sauce.


Onion Bhajee 

Sliced onions fried in a light chickpea batter. Served with mixed leaf salad and tamrind sauce.


Vegan Aloo Tikki

Potato and baby spinach patties, shallow fried and served on a bed of spiced chickpeas and tamarind sauce.


Vegan Platter (For Two People)

A mouth watering combination of the above three starters. Served with mixed leaf salad, tamrind sauce and a chickpea masala.


Main Course

Vegan Rogan Josh

Pan-fried vegetables simmered in a traditional kashmiri masala blended with tomatoes, green cardamom and fenugreek.


Vegan Punjabi Karahi

Vegan Punjabi Karahi Pan-fried vegetables simmered with roasted tomatoes and peppers, sliced onions, garlic and ginger. Finished with fresh coriander. .


Vegan Rogan Josh

Pan-fried vegetables cooked in Kashmiri sundried chilli and roasted garlic sauce.


Tadka Daal

Lentils simmered with roasted cumin and red chillies, pan-fried fresh garlic and tomatoes. 

Main Dish £10.25   Side Dish £7.75

Aloo Gobi

Pan-roasted cauliflower and potatoes with sesame seed, turmeric, fresh ginger and coriander. 

Main Dish £11.00   Side Dish £7.75

Chuna Masala

Chickpeas  simmered with fresh tomatoes roasted ginger, garlic and cumin with a hint of channa masala. 

Main Dish £10.45   Side Dish £7.50

Bombay Aloo 

Pan-fied potatoes with ginger, roasted garlic, & freshly pounded garam masala.

Main Dish £10.45   Side Dish £7.50

Seasonal Vegetable Jalfrazie

Pot roasted seasonal vegetable with baby cumin sliced red onions and tomatoes.

Main Dish £11.25   Side Dish £8.00

Mushroom Bhajee

Fresh pan-roasted mushrooms tossed in a tomato, onion, ginger and garlic masala. makes a perfect side dish to accompany any meal.

Main Dish £12.50   Side Dish £8.75

Saag Aloo

Fresh spinage and pan-roasted potatoes with ginger, garlic and fenugreek. 

Main Dish £11.25   Side Dish £8.00

Chuna Aloo Masala

Chickpeas and baby potatoes simmered with fresh tomatoes roasted ginger, garlic and cumin with a hint of channa masala. 

Main Dish £10.45   Side Dish £7.50

Bhindi Amchuran

Fresh okra with sliced red onions, julienne mango & mustard seeds.

Main Dish £12.75   Side Dish £9.00

Achari Bengan

Pan roasted aubergine with caramelized onions, tomatoes, raosted ginger, garlic and achari masala mix. 

Main Dish £12.75   Side Dish £9.00

Vegetable Biriyani

Pot roasted vegetable and basmati rice with fresh mint and coriander, julienne ginger and biryani masala served with a side of moilee sauce.



Steamed Rice - £3.60

Pilau Rice - £3.65

Cumin & Mushroom Rice - £3.70

Lemon & Coriander Rice - £3.70

Tawa Chapati - £2.60

Tandoori Roti - £2.70

Laacha Pharta - £3.70

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