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Andeep (Annie) Dhaliwal | Meet the Staff

If you want to know more about dining at the Calcutta Club, you’ve come to the right place. Below you’ll find some extra information on the staff members that help make the Calcutta club the best Indian restaurant in Nottingham.

Annie at a Glance

When you dine in at Calcutta Club, one of the first things you’ll see is the bright, welcoming smile of Annie Dhaliwal. Annie takes care of front of house and the day-to-day running of the dining area. She is a co-owner alongside John Dhaliwal, Barry Dhaliwal, and her brother Suraj. Together they have watched the Calcutta Club blossom into one of Nottingham’s best restaurants.

Not to mention, Annie’s attention to detail and commitment to customer service is a big part of Calcutta Club’s admirable rise to the top of Indian restaurants in the UK. She’s not shy about voicing her opinion on how to improve the experience for customers, constantly pushing the business to be its best. Perhaps this is why Annie is so confident that she’s the favourite child (sorry Suraj).

Annie’s Role at Calcutta Club

Born in Scotland, Annie Dhaliwal is just as passionate about great Indian cuisine as the rest of her family. As Calcutta Club’s maitres d’, she takes her role very seriously, making sure each and every customer is satisfied with their dining experience. As well as her duties as a head waitress, Annie takes care of reservations, warm greetings, and the friendly atmosphere that Calcutta Club is renowned for. Thanks to the hard work of Annie and her team, there’s never a fork out of place in the dining room.

Annie also knows the Calcutta Club menu like the back of her hand, regularly sitting down with the chefs to discuss the finer notes of their monthly specials. If you, or your family, have any special dietary requirements or are spoilt for choice with the restaurant’s menu, Annie is always here to help find dishes that work for you.

What’s Annie’s recommendation for a great meal?

“My all-time favourite dish at Calcutta Club is the Punjabi Karahi Chicken with a chilli cheese naan.”

However, if she had her way, Annie would be Calcutta Club’s resident sommelier. “Wine is the answer. What was the question?” Annie says with a laugh. She believes wine is her self-confessed “biggest weakness”. But, when you’re sipping on some of the finest wines from vineyards around the world, you’ll definitely think Annie’s expertise in this area is one of her greatest strengths.

Annie’s Philosophy

There are a few responsibilities that make Annie stand out among Calcutta Club’s many dedicated staff members.

1. As front of house, Annie’s work is never finished. Even after the chefs have hung up their hats and gone home, Annie and her brother Suraj are planning for the coming days and weeks. Right now, they’re working hard to create some never-before-seen events that will be held at the Calcutta Club. To keep up to date with these exciting celebrations you can sign up for our mailing list on our home page.

2. The dining room is Annie’s domain, so she pays a lot of attention to the restaurant’s interior design. The fabulous decorations are what make dining at Calcutta Club such an immersive and atmospheric meal. However, no part of the guest experience can be ignored, and recently Annie has perfected the Calcutta Club toilets. They’ve also just undergone some big renovations, with the entire business painted internally. As always, there’s still much more to do, with Calcutta Club receiving an external facelift soon, too.

3. Last but certainly not least, the most important part of Annie’s philosophy for a successful front of house. Customer service is key. She works constantly with her staff to ensure they’re delivering the best they can at all times. Annie is well aware that her family’s personal touch is what helps Calcutta Club stand out from other Indian restaurants in Nottingham. Her bubbly personality, coupled with her dependable attitude to work welcomes both new and returning customers to the Calcutta Club family every single day.

Favourite Memory of Calcutta Club…

If you’ve dined at the Calcutta Club before you might be surprised to find out that Annie describes herself as “the loud and vocal one in our family”. Of course, this makes her the perfect choice for a friendly welcome at the restaurant. Alongside her composed and knowledgable waitressing skills, you’ll also find Annie joking with her family members and helping to motivate everyone who works to make the Calcutta Club the best curry house in the UK.

An example of this is the parachute jump she did with her father, John. While John was a little…hesitant to make the jump (Annie mentions there were a few tears, but don’t tell anyone), she was eager for the adrenaline. Thankfully, Annie was there to give her dad the confidence he needed, and a little nudge too for good measure. Now they’ve both got two feet firmly on the ground, but Annie has never stopped motivating the Calcutta Club team to achieve the success they deserve.

Dine with Us Today

At Calcutta Club, we’re one big family. Annie can’t wait to welcome you to the restaurant for delicious food and great memories. If you’d like to experience award-winning curries and customer service, it couldn’t be easier to book a table with us.

Simply head over to the ‘Reservations’ page, where you’ll be able to fill out a booking form. If you have any special dietary requirements, celebration requests, or questions about Calcutta Club, please don’t hesitate to give us a call on 0115 941 4441.

If you don’t feel like getting dressed up for the full restaurant experience, you can enjoy all the delicious delights on offer at the Calcutta Club from the comfort of your own home. Order scrumptious curries for collection here, or once again, you can give Calcutta Club a call and place your takeaway order at 0115 941 4441.

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