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Calcutta Club: How our Nottingham Restaurant was awarded as Best Indian restaurant in the Midlands

Passion for flavour, good customer service, and a family-run ethos have all been key for Calcutta Club. We’re delighted that our restaurant has won over both customers, critics, and national food judges in the last few years…

Calcutta Club offers passion for flavour, great service, and expertly prepared dishes

Who are we?

Calcutta Club is the brainchild of two brothers - John and Barry.

We both started this business because we love working with food, and we love serving people who appreciate great cuisine.

Having worked in the service industry for more years than we’d care to admit, we founded Calcutta Club in 2014 as a new venture which we hoped would appeal to foodies and Indian food lovers throughout Nottingham and beyond.

The Indian city of Calcutta is based in the North-East of the country. With the Calcutta Club, we wanted to bring that North Indian cuisine that we loved so much - and bring it to the heart of the Midlands, which we now call home.

The team at Calcutta Club
The team at Calcutta Club

What makes our food stand out?

In terms of food, customers are treated to all manner of high-quality meats and seasonal fruits and vegetables when they come to Calcutta Club.

As with all good Indian food, we prize hearty dishes, big portions, and bursting flavour combinations - the type of food that you want to share with other people and the type of food that turns eating a meal with friends or family into a wholesome dining experience.

We source all our produce locally (the Midlands has a rich source of great local food manufacturers!), and we go the extra mile to make sure that the products we use are of the finest quality.

We then take this all great produce and apply our expert cooking methods to turn them into flavourful dishes. As a rule, we do as much of the work in-house as possible, in order to give you the freshest, tastiest meal.

How did we rise to be ranked as the ‘Best Restaurant in the Midlands’?

We have been humbled by the appreciation and accolades that Calcutta Club has been bestowed over the last number of years.

We were voted ‘Best newcomer in the Country’ at the British Curry awards in November 2015.

After this, we went on to receive awards at the ‘Nottingham Restaurant Awards’ in both 2017 and 2019.

From there, we won further accolades at the ‘English Curry Awards’ in 2019.

With our establishment being based in Maid Marian Way, we feel very much that we’re at the centre of all that’s great about Nottingham - and all that’s great about the Midlands. So we were delighted to receive these awards to learn that the good people of this area enjoy eating our food as much as we enjoy making it!

What’s the secret behind our success?

For us here at Calcutta Club, it has always been about looking out for the customer. We want to serve their needs, enliven their dining experiences, and offer them something from our wealth of culinary experience.

John Dhaliwal, co-owner of Calcutta Club
John Dhaliwal, co-owner of Calcutta Club

We have been doing this long enough to know exactly how to give customers a rich dining experience.

In fact, our head chef and co-owner Barry was first recognised for his culinary excellence all the way back in 1985, when he was voted ‘Best Curry Chef in Scotland’ by the Scottish Sunday Mail.

Nearly 40 years later, we’re delighted to still be winning awards, packing out restaurants, and serving people the best Indian food in the Midlands!

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