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What’s Next for the Calcutta Club? Updates and Plans for 2023

In this week’s newsletter from the Calcutta Club, there are lots of exciting updates, news, and plans to tell you about. As well as some tips on the restaurant, we’ve got a whole host of plans that we’ll be putting into action in the coming months, both in the interior and exterior of the restaurant. Read on to find out how we’re revamping the Calcutta Club’s style and dining experience for 2023.

Interior of Indian restaurant Nottingham | Calcutta club
Interior of the Calcutta Club

Our Philosophy on Change

In the restaurant business, change is nothing to be scared of. In fact, we believe it’s necessary for our continued growth and success. Just like how we introduce four new special dishes every month, we’re regularly looking for ways that we can enhance other parts of the Calcutta Club for a top-notch customer experience, too.

Every year, we keep some of our takings aside in an annual budget specifically for these changes and renovations. This money is then reinvested into the business, to make some beneficial changes in the kitchen, dining room, and with customer experience in general. We believe this is the key to staying on top of Indian restaurants in the UK, and it hasn’t failed us yet. This year, we’ve got more exciting changes on the go than ever before.

Upcoming Changes At Calcutta Club

Here’s what we’ll be working on over the next few months, so if you visit us in 2022 you’ll be able to see these changes taking place. We plan to have all these changes completed by New Year, to start 2023 at Calcutta Club with a new and natural look.

Completed Bathroom Renovation

Any restaurant-goer from the UK knows that a good loo can make a great dining experience even better. We’ve just finished revamping the Calcutta Club toilets so they’re up to the same great standard you’ve come to expect for our dining room, food, and staff. Both the gents and the ladies have received some love and care, for a whole new look overall. Even if you don’t need the loo, come and have a peek at the enticing new style anyway.

Interior Painting

We are currently in the process of touching up the paint throughout the restaurant. Don’t worry, we won’t be losing our signature green dining room, but we do think the paint needs a little freshening up to keep the whole room looking fabulous. We will be adding some extra decorations, however, to hone in on our theme. This isn’t a large undertaking, so hopefully, this will be the next big change in the restaurant that we can tick off our to-do list.

Exterior Painting

Finally, we’ve got the ball rolling for the exterior of the Calcutta Club to receive a repaint. We’re particularly excited about these plans because they will give the restaurant a whole new look. For our regular diners, you’ll be able to see our plans for the restaurant come to life, and we hope to attract new diners too with our delightful makeover. We can’t tell you what colour Calcutta Club’s exterior will be painted yet, but if you’re dying to know then you’ll have to come along and see for yourself.

A Touch of Green

As well as repainting the interior and exterior of the restaurant, we’re hoping to bring a variety of greenery to Calcutta Club. We haven’t decided yet whether this will be in the restaurant’s interior or exterior, but we think this will help give the restaurant an authentic and organic look. Don’t worry, you won’t have to go wandering through a rainforest to get to your table, but some small houseplants and floral additions here and there will bring some beautiful touches to the dining experience.

Brand New Crockery

When it comes to fine dining, the food could taste incredible, but if it doesn’t look the part then the experience loses a little bit of something special. This is why we’re hoping to do our award-winning Indian food justice, with some stunning new plates and cutlery for the dining room. It may seem like a small change, but since we’re going to be rolling out new plates restaurant-wide, this is a surprisingly big undertaking. We really hope you like the new plates, and they make your food taste even better.

New Garnishing Style

Speaking of presentation, now that we’ve got some new plates in the works, we just had to revamp our garnishing style too. Calcutta Club’s chefs have been hard at work to put a new twist on our existing presentation style, and we think they’ve finally cracked it. If you’re dining with us after the new year, you’ll be treated to fine dining with the plating and presentation to match, for an enhanced experience overall.

Want to See the Changes For Yourself?

Although we’ve got a lot of changes on the go, and a lot of work still to do, Calcutta Club is open as usual and ready to welcome you and your loved ones. Not to mention, we have some scrumptious autumnal specials on the board this month, for anyone who wants to try something new or get a little more out of their Indian restaurant experience.

If you’d like to try our award-winning curries and customer service, it couldn’t be easier to book a table with us. Simply head over to the ‘Reservations’ page on our site, where you’ll be able to fill out a booking form with all your details. If you have any special dietary requirements, celebration requests, or questions about Calcutta Club, please don’t hesitate to give our friendly staff a call on 0115 941 4441.

If you don’t feel like getting all dressed up for the full restaurant experience, not to worry. Now, you can enjoy all the delicious delights on offer at the Calcutta Club from the comfort of your own sofa. Order scrumptious curries for collection, or once again, you can give Calcutta Club a call and place your collection order at 0115 941 4441.

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